Loacker Loacker Double Chocolate Wafer 45g

Double Choc - 3 Chocolate Wafers Filled With 2 Layers Of Chocolate Cream

Product Code: 21106

A treat with double the amount of Chocolate goodness! The 3 wafers are filled with 2 special Loacker cream filling layers, made using exquisite cocoa and chocolate (75% of the product)

Et voila, admire an exclusive combination of crispy and creamy bliss featuring bittersweet cocoa notes of the wafer segueing into sweet embrace of the chocolate cream filling.

Natural: Loacker uses only natural, specially- selected and high quality raw materials. Even the wrappers are 100% recyclable.Light: The lightness of the Loacker products is the result of the unique crispy wafer, made in the old Austrian way, mixed with fine chocolate and creams. Delicious: Clear mountain water, pure coconut oil, fine chocolate,specially selected hazelnuts from Naples and authentic vanilla pods

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