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Traditionally produced Crystallised Young Stem Ginger

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Over a thousand years ago in the East, people began to conserve ginger with sugar. Nowadays it is considered a delicacy all over the world. Perfect for adding to your favourite recipes for an exotic touch.

Indulge yourself with this box of Crystallised young stem ginger from Epicure. Over a thousand years ago peoples of the orient started to preserve ginger with sugar. Now this deliciously sweet and spicy confection is a revered delicacy throughout the world. Epicure crystallised young stem ginger has been produced in the traditional way with no artificial additives to retain all its tang and aromatic flavour.

Ideal for when you want something sweet, beaten with water. in a sandwich or in the confection of cakes.Do not eat a large piece at a time, as the taste may be a little strong.

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Ginger (95%), sugar.


May contain traces of nuts and sesame seeds.

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