Niederegger 16pc Marzipan Desserts Selection Mini Loaves

Trendy classic dessert flavours combined with delicious marzipan

Product Code: 110217

Sixteen piece Mini Loaves box - 16 gourmet mini marzipan loaves covered in milk and dark chocolate. The classic Niederegger signature loaf with a twist.

In the metallic pastel tones rose, gold, silver and bronze, Niederegger's creations in the flavours of Caramel Brownie, Cheesecake, Double Chocolate and Vanilla Toffee these mini loaves are hugely eye catching, bang on trend and have a taste to back it all up!

200g of great tasting Niederegger marzipan. Dark chocolate contains 50% cocoa solids.Contains: almonds, milk powder & soya

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