Bendicks Bendicks Mint Chocolates Premium Hamper

Luxury hamper assortment of Bendicks Mint chocolates

Product Code: CCD501

The Bendicks Premium Hamper is a luxury hamper filled with the widest assortment of Bendicks Mint Chocolates available.

Bendicks Mint Chocolates by appointment of Her Majesty The Queen, Bittermints, Mint Crisps, Elizabethan Mints and Dark English Mints are all included in this hamper.

A great introduction or perfect to gift to a Bendicks Mint Chocolates fan.

Included with this hamper is a history or Bendicks since 1930 to the present.

The Bendicks Premium Hamper includes:

1 x Bittermints 200g

1 x Bittermints 400g

1 x Mint Fondant 180g

1 x Mint Collection 200g

1 x History Leaflet

1 x Postcard

1 x Green Fizz

1 x Premium magnetic hamper

In the unlikely event that a product from this hamper is out of stock we will replace with an item of equal or higher value.

Image shows 160g Mint Crisps (now discontinued) these have been replaced by the new 180g Mint Fondants with an equal value.

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