Niederegger Baumkuchen - Tree Cake 300g

Niederegger Baumkuchen Chocolate Covered Layered Cake

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UK Exclusive!!

Baumkuchen translates as tree rings, so named because of how the cakes resemble the patterns of tree rings. The traditional cakes are made from layers of batter that are slowly poured on top of each other, before being carefully finished with a layer of bittersweet chocolate. These are a unique treat that taste as good as they look.


Contains : Butter, soya. almond, wheat.

Also contains alcohol and may contain traces of other nuts.

Produced only once a year for Christmas we now have a very limited stock of Tree Cake's remaining

Please note that this is a cake product and has a much shorter life then a usual confectionery product.

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Now £6.50

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