Chocolates Direct Chocolates Direct Large Wicker Hamper

Packed full of a variety of goodies

Product Code: CCD505


1 x 200g Bendicks Bittermints

1 x 400g Bendicks Mint Collection

1 x 100g Niederegger Classic Mini Loaves

1 x 40g Niederegger Classic Stick

1 x 250g Niederegger Marzipan Assortments

1 x 200g Niederegger Assorted Mini Loaves

1 x 100g Niederegger Milk Bar

1 x Jelly Belly 10 Flavour Gift Box

1 x 150g Jelly Belly Sours Window Box

1 x 250g Jelly Belly Assorted Gift Bag

1 x 250g Jelly Belly Fruit Bowl Gift Bag

1 x 300g Retro Sweets Tie Top

1 x 640g Mixed Lindt Lindor Balls

1 x 150g Burnt Sugar Original Fudge

1 x 150g Burnt Sugar Sea Salt Fudge

1 x 150g Summerdown Peppermint Thins

1 x 200g Summerdown Peppermint Creams

1 x 200g Summerdown Pepperint Crisps

15 x Jelly Belly Pyramid Bags

1 x Large Wicker Hamper


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