Hadleigh Maid 2 Dark Chocolate Walnut & Mallow Whirls 75g

Dark Chocolate Whirls, Soft Vanilla Mallow and Crunchy Walnut Halves

Product Code: 927212

Everyone remembers the delights of this treat from their childhood - the chocolate casing that snaps open to reveal the soft mallow filling and the crunch of the walnut on top!

We love them so much, we've made it our mission to re-create them for a new generation; expanding the fillings from plain mallow to a range of amazing truffle flavours. Check out our vegan-friendly offerings as well - now there is truly a whirl for everyone!

Our sumptuous dark chocolate whirl shell is filled to the brim with our special vanilla mallow and topped off with a golden walnut half.

2 Whirls in a Pack - 2 x 37.5g each

All packaging is fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

Allergens: Walnut, Soya

May contain milk and nut traces.

No artificial colours or flavours.

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