Niederegger Niederegger Coffee Whole Beans Cafe Creme 250g

Whole Roasted Arabica Beans From South And Central America

Product Code: 850120

This selection of the world's finest coffees offers you a truly sensational taste experience. The blend is perfect for the preparation of all popular coffee specialities such as cafe au lait, latte macchiato, espresso and cappuccino.

Since 1806 Cafe Niederegger in Lubeck's Breite Strasse (Broad Street) has been a traditional location to meet. This particularly aromatic coffee from Niederegger remains true to the company's tradition and meets the highest standards in terms of flavour and quality. composed of nothing less than Arabica beans from selected plantations in South and Central America this product stands out as the perfect blend. The mild taste of this fine, low-acid coffee represents an ideal completion of all the exclusive speciality products of J.G. Niederegger, Lubeck.

250g Whole Bean Coffee

Ideal for grinding and preparing your own coffee at home.

Single bag £6.98

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