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/ Pan Ducale (1)

or almost five hundred years the city of Atri was seat to the dukedom of the Acquaviva. In 1352, upon arrival of the Duke to the city, the citizens of Atri offered him “almond pizza” the traditional cake of Atri. The Duke enjoyed this cake so much that he ordered it to be present at his table every day, and he did in such way that in those times it would become known in other territories, since he sent it as a gift to every noble family with which he entertained relations. The people of Atri, proud of the recipe they prepared and overjoyed by having immediately won the Dukes gratitude, who was famed for being a terrible man, decided to change the name from “Almond pizza” to PAN DUCALE. The tradition was maintained throughout all five hundred years of the Acquaviva reign over the city of Atri. Still today, Pan Ducale maintains the nobility and, at the same time, the mark of the common people on this magical and delicious cake. Obtained by the exclusive use of the freshest raw materials and without preservatives, passed down to the present, a goodness that spans history.